CBD Canada

CBD is the common abbreviation used to describe cannabidiol - a molecule found in marijuana, which has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb. CBD is regulated in Canada through its’ Cannabis Act, which has been in place since 2018.

Where to buy CBD in Canada? Top 10 of the best CBD shops online in 2020

Is CBD legal in Canada?

Yes, CBD is legal in Canada, and its sale, purchase, and consumption have been legalized and regulated long before the Cannabis Act was passed, which has been effective since October 2018.

Purchasing and consuming CBD products in Canada is legal, however, you must ensure that you are ordering your CBD products from registered retailers and sellers. This means that you need to guarantee, before placing an order, that the products you are buying are made by licensed producers, who follow the legislation. This will also ensure that the quality of the products you will receive is on the higher standard of the spectrum. We consider that it is also important to mention that the Canadian legislation on CBD covers not only medicinal use but also recreational, as long as the THC content of the products is below 0.3%.

The best CBD oils in Canada

How to use CBD oils?

CBD oils are an easy and versatile way of ingesting CBD. Usually, CBD oil is ingested orally, through means of a dropper, which allows you to have good care in regards to the quantity and dosage of CBD you are ingesting. Being an ideal way of ingestion for CBD beginners, CBD oil can be placed under the tongue, added to food to make your own edibles, or even added to your morning smoothy to ensure that you reap the benefits throughout the day. CBD oil can also be used in vapers, however, CBD e-liquids are already sold as a package, but if you are a DIY type of person you can even make your own CBD vaping juice with a little of CBD oil.

How to choose the right CBD oil for you?

In order to best choose your CBD oil, you need to first understand what your needs are. CBD oil can be very helpful for a series of health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and even epilepsy, however, the right product and dosage will depend on your own needs. You should always look for full-spectrum CBD oils, which contain CBD and all the other molecules present in hemp, which can also provide other benefits to your health. We recommend that you try to focus your choice in bioproducts, as in this way you can ensure that you are taking good care of your health, as well as the health of the planet.

The best CBD capsules in Canada

How to use your CBD capsules?

CBD capsules will work just like any other pill you have ever take in the past. We suggest you take it with water, just to make it easier to swallow, however, you can also take it with food. CBD capsules are a great way to ensure that you are getting a consistent dosage of CBD, which might be helpful especially if you feel like you require the consistent assistant of the benefits of CBD for your health problems. Taking your CBD in capsule form will also allow for a more discreet way to ingest it, as opposed to CBD oils for instance.

How to choose your CBD capsules?

Choosing the right CBD capsule for you will depend mostly on your needs. CBD capsules will have indicated on the bottle/capsule the amount of CBD it contains and, while some of them will list the amounts in milligrams (mg), others might indicate it as a percentage. You should also take into consideration that, even though higher dosages of CBD will have a stronger effect, it is not recommended that you jump right away to the highest percentages of CBD. We recommend that you choose a product that has a low to moderate dosage, and once you understand how it affects your body, you can see if you would need a higher dosage.

The best CBD creams in Canada

How to use your CBD creams?

CBD creams are used as a topical way of ingesting CBD. These CBD products are used mostly for skin application and can be in the form of lotion, cream, salve, or skincare products. CBD creams are usually used for skin, muscle, or nerve problems, having benefits which include reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, soothing skin problems such as eczema, among others. As opposed to the majority of CBD products, you won’t be able to ingest this type of product orally, as you need to massage it to the skin or the location in your body where you feel like you need it. The right type of CBD cream for you will depend on your needs as well as the type of benefits you would be looking for.

How to choose your CBD creams?

There are a few things that you should take into consideration when choosing your CBD cream. The most important thing to look for is potency as the CBD isn’t absorbed very well through the skin, therefore you should choose products that offer at least 200mg of CBD per container in order to get the best results. In terms of the source of CBD, we recommend choosing broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products, as this will ensure that you will also benefit from the effects of terpenes. Moreover, selecting products which were organically and biologically sourced, and that have been tested by third-party laboratories will guarantee high-quality, as well as ensuring that you are using only all-natural and organic ingredients, and not spreading chemicals or pesticides on your skin.

Which are the benefits and the CBD effects?

CBD offers numerous benefits and positive effects on people and animals that ingest this molecule. Some studies have shown that CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters. This also allows for CBD to be beneficial in regards to metabolism. CBD also has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and has even been used for depression. Some people also use CBD to control seizures and epilepsy-related fits, as well as for skin conditions such as eczema, which have shown to react positively to topical creams with this molecule. CBD offers a sense of relaxation, which can also aid in regards to insomnia.

What is a dispensary specialized in CBD?

A dispensary that specializes in CBD often offers a great way to start your journey as a CBD consumer. Like any other dispensary, in these types of shops you will be able to choose from several different products, along with having the professional customer support to help you select the right product for you in terms of potency, type of product, source, benefits, dosage, and price. CBD dispensaries can be found as landbased shops, as well as online shops, which allow you to have the full shopping and advice experience from the comfort of your own home, and have the products delivers in a matter of days. We recommend opting to buy from an online CBD dispensary as you will be able to get reviews and advice on the products which will better fit your needs.

Why should you buy CBD online?

Buying CBD online offers a wide range of benefits for clients and customers. You can easily make comparisons between brands, shops, and types of products, and have access to previous customers’ reviews, which often provide valid information on the quality of the products themselves and the service offered by the shop. When doing your CBD purchases online, you will also benefit from a smooth buying experience, where you just need to select the products you want, perform a secured payment and wait until the delivery arrives at your home in a nicely packaged and discreet parcel. Having all the information about the products such as ingredients, source, tests, and reviews online is also something that makes us believe that shopping online for CBD products is the easiest, more informative, and smoother way of shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Who can sell CBD oil in Canada?

Under the Canadian Industrial Hemp Regulations, which regulates and governs the production of industrial hemp, CBD sellers require a license to be able to sell CBD products. All activities relating to the production, possession, distribution, and sale of CBD require a license. Make sure that you do your research and buy products only from licensed sellers.

Do I need a prescription to buy CBD oil in Canada?

Legislation in Canada varies from one State to the other, so we recommend that you check with your local authorities or doctors. Even though through the Cannabis Act, all hemp products are legalized, in some regions you will require a doctors’ prescription to buy CBD products. When buying online, you usually are not required to present a prescription, nonetheless, you should confirm this information with each individual shop.

Where can I legally buy CBD online?

There are many online shops selling CBD products in Canada, however, you should always take into consideration that it is mandatory by law for sellers and distributors to be licensed. You should also guarantee that the shop you are purchasing from is licensed to sell its products in Canada.

Is it safe to buy CBD online?

There are many scammers online, not just in the CBD world, but in general. By following our advice on this website, you are guaranteed to make your purchases from safe and reliable online shops, as we have taken the responsibility of checking each and every one of the shops we list on our website.